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Twitter instruction & help
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General Twitter info
Resources for using twitter in the classroom:

Hashtags to search:

People/Organizations to follow:
  • Top 14 Educational Tweeters to Follow
  • @ErinKMcGurk Teacher, learner, reader, traveler. Lover of all things TCRWP.
  • @librarylisa Lisa Garofalo, School Librarian in Ellington, CT grades K-4 & 7-8, Co-Steering Chairperson Nutmeg Book Award
  • @gcouros Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for PSD70. Passionate about learning, ed. tech, and helping others find their passion! I like dogs :)
  • @cybraryman1Educator & Writer trying to catalog the internet for students, educators and parents.
  • @timito4 Director at ASCD
  • @TCRWP The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is one of the world's premier providers of professional development in the teaching of reading and writing.
  • @shannonmmiller Shannon Miller ‏ Teacher Librarian & Tech Integrationist who loves connecting, creating, change, advocacy & NOISE. Presenter & Blogger. Connecting People Shorty Award Recipient.
  • @globalearner Alan November ‏ wandering educator, Founder, November Learning
  • @kathyschrock Kathy Schrock ‏Educational Technologist, DEN Star & Guru, Adobe Ed Leader, Google Certified Teacher ( Twitter RSS feed:
  • @willrich45 Will Richardson Parent, author, speaker, instigator, blogger about social Web tools and their effects on schools, education and learning.
  • @gwynethjones The Daring Librarian ‏Teacher-Librarian, LJ Mover & Shaker, GCT, ISTE Board of Directors, Speaker, Blogger, SL Steampunk, Den★, Xtc Fan, Pop Culture Ho, Cinephile, Geek, & Goofball!
  • @joycevalenza Joyce Valenza ‏teacher-librarian, learner, blogger